La angustia y el dolor, el placer y la muerte no son más que un proceso para existir".
"¿Qué sería de mí sin lo absurdo y lo fugaz?"

22 junio, 2007

Sleeping Sun

Sleeping Sun, originalmente cargada por alanhudson photography.

"Blinded and hurting
This I’m deserving
I’ve got my secrets
You only got the sleeping sun

When you’ve got a secret
Then you’ve got to keep it
When you’ve have a question
Answers will come

Running and hiding
Taking dividing
You’ve got your secrets
I’ve only got the sleeping sun

And you as I saw
We're [a] piece in a jigsaw
Run up the divide and
Tip of the tongue
Run round the houses
North and the south is
You’ve got your answers
We have both got the sleeping sun"


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