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29 mayo, 2007

Interview with Imagine Me & You’s Lena Heade by Jennifer Kilchenmann, February 06, 2006

Esta es una manera de guardar una entrevista que me intereso...

Lena Headey
10/03/1976 in Yorkshire, England

Lena en The Cave

AE: You’d worked on The Cave with Piper. Did that help you guys create the chemistry that comes across in Imagine Me & You?

LH: (Big smile) I genuinely really love Piper, I think she’s bright, funny and smart. We definitely got on. I think that by being thrown together sort of made our friendship. She left (the set of The Cave) two weeks before me. That was the longest two weeks ever! I remember crying! I was like “oh no, don’t leave me!”
But when we got back from the shoot which was really wet and in Romania, we were on the phone to each other saying: “Look I’ve got food, it’s amazing!”

AE: So did you find out that you both got the part on Imagine Me & You while shooting The Cave?

LH: We were talking about Imagine Me & You and she said she was up for it, I said “so am I!” And when we got it, we were like “there you go, we get to do something proper! Instead of running around in these things!”

AE: Imagine Me & You is a first in its genre in that the girl gets the girl, no one dies or turns straight again, and the characters in the film are much more realistic than those you normally see in a romantic comedy.

LH: Yeah, I think what strengthens it is that Piper doesn’t sort of go “now I’m a big lesbian!” It’s just that she’s fallen in love. And I like that Luce is steady and makes no excuse for who she is, “that’s who I am” kind of thing. I love that about it. When I was doing press in America I was asked if I thought Luce was repressed (pulls a silly face)! I really don’t. She’s just stuck, she can’t do anything. She can’t run in and shout “I love you!” I was actually really shocked at that comment, you know!

Interview with Imagine Me & You’s Lena Heade by Jennifer Kilchenmann, February 06, 2006

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